Relationship Counselling

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Relationships in mind

Couple therapy, relationship counselling, or marriage counselling is an effective method of helping couples to mind their relationship. It is helpful for specific problems, as well as for complex problems that have developed and solidified over a long period of time. 

Get help with

Sexual issues    
Frequent arguments
Difficulties communicating
Loss of intimacy
The arrival of a new child
Infertility or difficulty conceiving
Significant life changes
Financial difficulties

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Next steps together

When you start therapy we agree to the same time and day every week and that is always yours. Our work can be brief or open ended based on your needs.

Benefits of couples therapy

  • Better understanding of the other’s point of view
  • Improving open and honest communication
  • Offering a focused and sustained inquiry into the dynamics between two people
  • Having a safe space to explore powerful painful feelings such as fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness and resentment
  • Mobilizing feelings of love, concern, and affection
  • Reducing polarisation and incompatibility
  • Helps redefine each partner’s relationship to autonomy and intimacy, closeness and distance, dependence and independence, self-interest and couple well-being
  • Accepting and working through an ending if there is a decision to uncouple